State Qualifiers
2017Matt Zuckerman132 lbs
2017Cameron King195 lbs
2016Matt Zuckerman106 lbs
2016Brendan Price170 lbs
2015Josh Breeding106 lbs
2014Armando Torres 120 lbs
2013Ben Darmstadt120 lbs
2012Matt Canon120 lbs
2012Brandon Egnor132 lbs
2011Eli Garcia125 lbs
2011Devan Price152 lbs
2009Chase Churchill145 lbs
2009Mitch Fadenholz171 lbs
2008Ryan Nelisse189 lbs
2005Matt Felton130 lbs
2005Johnny Pycraft140 lbs
2005Paul Sen171 lbs
2004Paul Sen171 lbs
2004James Faught215 lbs
2004Jeremiah FitzpatrickHWT
2003Paul Felton125 lbs
2003Alec Bottomlee135 lbs
2002Paul Felton119 lbs
2001Paul Felton103 lbs
1993Marvin MajorHWT
1988Tyrone Nelson (Elyria West)HWT
1987Larry Hill (Elyria West)155 lbs
1983Duke BlakesleyHWT
1982Darrin Farrow105 lbs
1981Kevin Pierson105 lbs
1979Rob Slusher (Elyria West)175 lbs
1972Mike Sittinger138 lbs
1971Tim Sweigard167 lbs
1971Forrest Waugh185 lbs
1970Ken Parker115 lbs
1969Deck Murray127 lbs
1969Jim Keith138 lbs
1969Mike Baker165 lbs
1968Ken Parker103 lbs
1968Jim Keith133 lbs
1966Mel Romans112 lbs
1966John Kopcho175 lbs
1965Tom Ternes127 lbs
1965Tom Resar133 lbs
1962Willie Watters112 lbs
1962Dan Ternes138 lbs
1962Gary Goodman145 lbs
1962Walter Keith155 lbs
1962Bob Murphy165 lbs
1961Willie Watters112 lbs

* This information was collected and put together to the best our the knowledge of our staff.
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