Walsh Jesuit Ironman Tournament (Since 2004)
2016Kevin Vough3rd PlaceHWT
2016J.T. Brown5th Place182 lbs
2016Mick Burnett6th Place106 lbs
2015Ben Darmstadt3rd Place195 lbs
2015J.T Brown7th Place182 lbs
2015Nico O'Dor8th Place152 lbs
2014Kevin VoughChampionHwt.
2014Ben Darmstadt3rd Place182 lbs
2010Jason Gott4th Place215 lbs
2010Armando Torres7th Place103 lbs
2009Jason Gott6th Place189 lbs
2008Ryan Nelisse6th Place215 lbs
2008Chase Churchill6th Place145 lbs
2007Stevie Mitcheff4th Place112 lbs
2007Ryan Nelisse6th Place189 lbs
2006Ryan Nelisse8th Place189 lbs
2006Dalton McHenry8th Place130 lbs
2005Stevie Mitcheff4th Place103 lbs
2004Danny Mitcheff3rd Place119 lbs
2004Stevie Mitcheff4th Place103 lbs
2004Matt Whitely6th Place145 lbs
2004Paul Sen7th Place171 lbs

* This information was collected and put together to the best our the knowledge of our staff.
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