Individual All-Time Records

Career Records
2014-2017Kevin VoughCareer Pins (117)
2013-2016Ben DarmstadtCareer Wins (175)
2005-2008Stevie MitcheffCareer Takedowns (488)
2005-2008Stevie MitcheffCareer Techical Falls (37)
Single Season Records
2016Ben DarmstadtSingle Season Pins (38)195 lbs
2015Ben DarmstadtSingle Season Wins (51) 182 lbs
2008Zach GoinsSingle Season Takedowns (186)152 lbs
2008Brandon ParrottSingle Season Technical Falls (16)135 lbs
Most Wins Single Season
2015Ben Darmstadt51 182 lbs
2016Ben Darmstadt49195 lbs
2008Ryan Nelisse46189 Lbs
2017Kevin Vough46HWT
2016J.T. Brown46182 lbs
2017J.T. Brown45182 lbs
2006Steve Mitcheff44103 lbs
2014Kevin Vough44Hwt
2015Josh Breeding44106 lbs
2011Jason Gott44215 lbs
2015J.T Brown44170 lbs
2016Brendan Price44170 lbs
2003Paul Felton43125 lbs
2015Nico O'Dor43132 lbs
2015Kevin Vough43Hwt
2008Steve Mitcheff42112 lbs
2016Nico O'Dor42152 lbs
2015Brendon Fenton42113 lbs
2014Ben Darmstadt42152 lbs
2018Josh Breeding41132 lbs
2018Dylan Shawver41113 lbs
2014Armando Torres41120 lbs
2004Andrew Perez41119 lbs
2017Josh Breeding40126 lbs
2006John Pycraft40152 lbs
2017Dylan Shawver40113 lbs
Most Pins Single Season
2016Ben Darmstadt38195 lbs
2009Ryan Nelisse35215 lbs
2017Kevin Vough35HWT
2008Ryan Nelisse33189 lbs
2015Kevin Vough32Hwt
2015Ben Darmstadt31182 lbs
2014Kevin Vough30Hwt
2011Myles Wright28145 lbs
2018Jake Evans27160 lbs
2003Paul Felton26125 lbs
2010Myles Wright26145 lbs
2016Brendan Price25 170 lbs
2015Josh Breeding24106 lbs
2004James Faught24215 lbs
2017Cameron King24195 lbs
2016Tristan Brady23145 lbs
2008Steve Mitcheff23112 lbs
2006John Pycraft23152 lbs
2009Jason Gott22189 lbs
2003James Faught22215 lbs
2002James Faught 22215 lbs
2015Dylan Reis22220 lbs
2015Brendon Fenton22113 lbs
2005Paul Sen21171 lbs
Most Technical Falls Single Season
YearNameTech FallsWeight
2008Brandon Perrott16135 lbs
2006Steve Mitcheff15103 lbs
2010Kodie Egnor12130 lbs
2005Dan Mitcheff12119 lbs
2008Steve Mitcheff10112 lbs
2008Dalton McHenry10130 lbs

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