USA-OHIO Greco-Roman/Freestyle state champions (since 1998)
2018Nate BurnettSchoolboy Freestyle105 lbs
2018Mick BurnettCadet Freestyle126 lbs
2018Jake EvansCadet Freestyle170 lbs
2018Dylan ShawverJunior Freestyle126 lbs
2018Jordan CraceJunior Freestyle145 lbs
2017Bryce AllisonCadet Freestyle100 lbs
2017Mick BurnettCadet Freestyle120 lbs
2017J.T. BrownJunior Freestyle182 lbs
2017Jesse LeeWomen's Junior Freestyle 164 lbs
2017Nate BurnettSchoolboy Freestyle114 lbs
2016Mick BurnettSchoolboy Freestyle112 lbs
2015Jaymone WhitakerSchoolboy Greco-Roman/Freestyle 190 lbs
2014Kevin VoughCadet Greco-Roman/Freestyle285 lbs
2014Ben DarmstadtCadet Freestyle160 lbs
2014J.T BrownCadet Freestyle170 lbs
2013Armando TorresJunior Freestyle120 lbs
2011Eli GarciaCadet Freestyle145 lbs
2010Armando TorresCadet Freestyle91 lbs
2010Connor KamczycSchoolboy Greco-Roman/Freestyle144 lbs
2009Taylor WorkmanSchoolboy Freestyle190 lbs
2008Stevie MitcheffJunior Freestyle119 lbs
2007Dalton McHenryCadet Freestyle130 lbs
2007Stevie MitcheffJunior Freestyle112 lbs
2007Kodie EgnorCadet Freestyle105 lbs
2006Johnny PycraftJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle160/171 lbs
2006Chase ChurchillSchoolboy Freestyle130 lbs
2006Austin DechantJunior Greco105 lbs
2005Johnny PycraftJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle171/160 lbs
2005Danny MitcheffJunior Freestyle125 lbs
2005Austin DechantJunior Freestyle98 lbs
2004Andrew PerezJunior Freestyle130 lbs
2004Danny MitcheffJunior Freestyle125 lbs
2003Matt FeltonCadet Greco-Roman135 lbs
2003Danny MitcheffCadet Freestyle119 lbs
1981Greg SaxtonJunior Freestyle105 lbs

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