USA-OHIO Greco-Roman/Freestyle state champions (since 1998)
2016Mick BurnettSchoolboy Freestyle112 lbs
2015Jaymone WhitakerSchoolboy Greco-Roman/Freestyle 190 lbs
2014Kevin VoughCadet Greco-Roman/Freestyle285 lbs
2014Ben DarmstadtCadet Freestyle160 lbs
2014J.T BrownCadet Freestyle170 lbs
2013Armando TorresJunior Freestyle120 lbs
2011Eli GarciaCadet Freestyle145 lbs
2010Armando TorresCadet Freestyle91 lbs
2010Connor KamczycSchoolboy Greco-Roman/Freestyle144 lbs
2009Taylor WorkmanSchoolboy Freestyle190 lbs
2008Stevie MitcheffJunior Freestyle119 lbs
2007Dalton McHenryCadet Freestyle130 lbs
2007Stevie MitcheffJunior Freestyle112 lbs
2007Kodie EgnorCadet Freestyle105 lbs
2006Johnny PycraftJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle160/171 lbs
2006Chase ChurchillSchoolboy Freestyle130 lbs
2006Austin DechantJunior Greco105 lbs
2005Johnny PycraftJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle171/160 lbs
2005Danny MitcheffJunior Freestyle125 lbs
2005Austin DechantJunior Freestyle98 lbs
2004Andrew PerezJunior Freestyle130 lbs
2004Danny MitcheffJunior Freestyle125 lbs
2003Matt FeltonCadet Greco-Roman135 lbs
2003Danny MitcheffCadet Freestyle119 lbs
1981Greg SaxtonJunior Freestyle105 lbs

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