High School wrestling 2018-2019

Contact Information

Head Coach: Erik Burnett | (440) 225-5793 (Cell) |
Asst. Coach: Jack Gillespie | (440) 225-7265 (Cell) |
Asst. Coach: Chris Chidlaw | (440) 452-9253 (Cell) |
Asst. Coach: Paul Felton | (440) 396-8249 (Cell)

2018 Pre-Season

August 1st: Pre-Season Lifting
On August 1st all non-fall sports athletes began Pre-season strength training. Strength training will be from 11 am to 12:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until August 31st. Startingon Sept. 4th lifting will be after school 3:05 pm start time.

2018 Off-Season

July 30th-August 2nd: AAU Junior Olympic National Duals (Des Moines, Iowa)

Drew Levis traveled to compete in the AAU Junior Olympic National Duals with Team Brecksville. Drew competed at 220 lbs. Drew went 8-3 in the competition, and helped Team Brecksville to a National Runner-up finish. Drew had several big wins including a tech fall victory vs an Iowa district placer.

July 14th-20th: USA-Wrestling Cadet and Junior National Freestyle and Greco-Roman Championships

July 19th-20th: Junior Greco-Roman

Farouq Muhammed competed in the 160 lb weight class. Farouq advanced to the championship round of 32 before losing a tight match with his opponent from Utah. Farouq responded by winning four matches in a row to reach the match to place. Farouq went 5-2 in the competition losing in the match to place to his opponent from California.

July 15th-17th: Junior Freestyle

Colin Noel, Dylan Shawver, Matt Zuckerman, Jordan Crace, and Enrique Munguia all competed in the Junior Freestyle tournament. Colin Noel (100), and Jordan Crace (138) lead the group earning All-American honors. Both Colin, and Jordan advanced to the national semi-finals. Colin advanced to the  national semi-finals recording back to back pin falls including a come from behind pin the quarterfinals. Colin finished in sixth place in the weight class to earn his first ever freestyle AA honors. Jordan Crace defeated five state champions in a row to reach the national semi-finals. Jordan lost a tough match in the semi-finals, and a hard fought match in the conso semi-finals to the number one ranked wrestler in the country. Jordan injury defaulted his fifth place match to finish in sixth place. 

Dylan Shawver advanced to the quarterfinals at 120 lbs. Dylan avenaged his loss from the Cadet Semi-Finals last year in the round of 16 scoring a last second four point takedown to win 17-14 vs his opponent from Illinois. Dylan lost his quarterfinals match to the eventual weight class champion from Wisconsin. Dylan lost a hard fought match in the match to place to his opponent from Illinois. Enrique Munguia went 2-2 in the 145 lbs weight class. Matt Zuckerman went 1-2 in the 138 lbs weight class. 

July 14th-16th: Cadet Freestyle

Mick Burnett competed in the 126 lbs weight class. The 126 lbs weight class was considered the toughest weight class in the entire tournament. Mick advanced the championship finals defeating numerous state placers and state finalists from various states along the way. In the national semi-finals he defeated the Northeast Regional freestyle champion from Tennessee to advance to the national finals. He became the first wrestler in Elyria program history to make the Cadet National Freestyle finals. Mick dropped a hard fought match in the finals to his opponent from Colorado who defeated Mick in the national semi-finals last year. Mick became the programs second two-time Cadet Freestyle All-American in program history. 

June 30th-July 1st: USA-Wrestling Schoolboy Greco-Roman and Freestyle Nationals (Atlanta, Georgia).

Nate Burnett competed in the Schoolboy Greco-Roman and Freestyle Nationals Nationals held in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the best middle school wrestlers from across the country travel to compete at Schoolboy Nationals from across the country. Wrestlers from California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota for example travel to compete in the event. 

July 1st: USA-Wrestling Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals (Atlanta, Georgia)

Nate Burnett competed in the Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals at 114 lbs. Nate opened the tournament with a tech fall victory vs his opponent from Connecticut. His lost his quarterfinal match by a score of 7-4 to the eventually weight class champion, and the Greco-Roman champion from Florida. Nate had the closest match with the eventual weight class champion from California. Nate rebounded from his quarter-final round loss to win his next two match vs Indiana, and Pennsylvania to each the consi semi-finals. Nate lost his conso semi-final match vs his opponent from Wisconsin.  Nate won his fifth place match by a score of 8-1 vs his opponent from Florida. 

June 30th: USA-Wrestling Schoolboy Greco-Roman Nationals (Atlanta, Georgia)

Nate Burnett competed in the 114 lbs weight class in the schoolboy division. Nate competed in his first ever Greco-Roman tournament. Nate went 0-2 in competition. Nate competed hard in the event just missing a spot on the podium. 

June 20th-23rd: USA-Wrestling Junior National Greco-Roman and Freestyle National Duals (Tulsa, Oklahoma).

The USA-Wrestling Junior Duals is considered one of the premier events of the off-season. Teams from across the country travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in the event. 

June 22nd-23rd: Junior Freestyle National Duals

Jordan Crace (138) competed for the Ohio 1 Team. Jordan went undefeated (7-0) in the competition to earn All-American honors. Jordan had two wins vs a South Dakota State commit from Minnesota in the competition. Jordan helped the Ohio 1 team to the National Championship defeating Minnesota 33-32 in the finals.

Matt Zuckerman (132), Enrique Munguia (152), and Jake Evans (170) competed on the Ohio 2 team. Ohio has never taken a second team to the Junior Duals in any style ever. Jake Evans went 5-5 in the competition. Matt and Enrique competed hard in every dual meet. The Team battled back in their bracket pool on day one from an second round loss to the eventual third place team (Illinois) winning four dual meets in a row to wrestle Washington in the true second match. The winner of the dual would clinch top eight status (All-American honors) in the country. The team dropped a tough dual meet to Washington. The team finished in 15th place overall in the tournament out of 36 teams. This was the highest finish ever for a second team in the history of Ohio.  

June 20th-21st: Junior Greco-Roman National Duals
 Jordan Crace, Farouq Muhammed, and Enrique Munguia helped Team Ohio to their highest finish ever in the Greco-Roman National Duals on the Junior Level to a fourth-place finish out of 32 teams. Farouq Muhammed went 3-1 in the competition.

June 15th-16th: Ashland University Duals (Ashland, Ohio)

The Pioneer Wrestling Club traveled to compete in the event. Teams from across the state traveled to compete in the event. The PWC finished the event in third place in the team standings going 9-2 in the event. The team lost two tight dual meets in the event to the Ashland Claws Red Team and Bishop Hartley. Both duals came down to the final match of the dual meet. Enrique Munguia lead the team going undefeated 11-0 in the event. Haydon Rockman (175), Dylan Shawver, and incoming freshman Nate Burnett all went 10-1 in the competition. All three suffered losses to State Placers, and a State Qualifier. Drew Levis went 9-2 in the event. Colin Noel went 5-1 in the event. Kobe Thomas (285) competed hard, and showed some growth and development in the event. 

June 9th-10th: USA-Wrestling Schoolboy National Freestyle Duals (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Nate Burnett competed for Team Ohio at the USA-Wrestling Schoolboy Freestyle National Duals. The Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals Duals is one the top events in the country for wrestlers ages 13 to 14 years old to compete in. States from across the country bring teams to compete in the event. Nate went 6-1 in the competition at 119 lbs helping Team Ohio to a seventh place finish in the country in the event. 

June 8th: UWW Greco-Roman World Team Trials (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Farouq Muhammed finished in 3rd place in the challenge tournament at 72 kg/ 158.2 lbs. Farouq competed hard in the challenge tournament. He reached the semi-finals before losing in a hard fought match. 

May 26th-May 27th: NHSCA High School National Duals (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

Jordan Crace went 10-0 in the competition to earn All-American honors, and help Team United Kong to the championship for the third straight year. Jordan defeated a pair of nationally ranked wrestlers in the competition. Brendon Fenton went 8-1 in the competition to earn All-American honors, and help Team Shutt Nation to a fifth place finish in the event. Dylan Shawver also, competed for Team Shutt Nation as well in the event. 

May 26th: USA-Wrestling Central Regional Cadet and Junior Freestyle Championships (Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio).

Colin Noel and Jake Evans lead the group by winning their respective weight classes. Colin won the Junior Division 106 lbs championship. Colin won the best two out of three vs his opponent from Illinois two matches to one. Jake Evans won the Cadet Division 170 lbs championship. Jake dominated his way to the championship. Josh Breeding finished in fourth place at 138 lbs. Enrique Munguia went 2-2 at Junior 152 lbs. Haydon Rockman went 1-2 at 170 lbs in Juniors. Both of Haydon’s loses came to the third and fourth placers. Lewis Aguilar competed hard at 220 lbs Juniors but, fell short of placing.

May 19th-20th: USA-Ohio Cadet and Junior Freestyle State Tournament (Otterbien University Columbus, Ohio). 

Pioneers finished the tournament with four weight class champions two in each division. Mick Burnett won the 126 lb championship in Cadets. Mick teched his way thru the bracket including wins over a D1 State Placer, and a D2 State Qualifier in the finals. Jake Evans teched his way thru the bracket at Cadet 170 lbs including a win in the finals vs a D1 State Qualifier. Dylan Shawver won the Junior 126 lbs championship. Jordan Crace won the Junior 145 lbs championship. Jordan teched  his way thru the bracket including a tech fall in the finals over the D2 State Champion at 138 lbs. Enrique Munguia finished in third place at Junior 145 lbs. Enrique had four wins over two state qualifiers, and two state placers. Haydon Rockman went 1-2 at Junior 170 losing to the no.5 ranked wrestler in the country, and a D1 State Qualifier. Ben Doehr went 1-2 at Juniors 160 losing to a D1 State Qualifier, and a D1 State Placer. Drew Levis and Lewis Aguilar went 1-2 at Juniors 220 lbs. Colin Noel competed hard at Cadet 100 lbs losing to the third and fourth placers in the event. 

April 29th: USA-Ohio Kids State Tournament/Elyria Qualifier Tournament (Elyria, Ohio)

Schoolboy Freestyle
Nate Burnett won the 114 lb weight class. Nate had a 9-0 decision, and a win by fall on his route to the championship. Nate won his second Schoolboy title in a row. Nate was last year’s champion at 105 lbs. Nate will now represent Ohio for second year in a row on the USA-Ohio Schoolboy Freestyle National Dual Team. USA-Wrestling Schoolboy Freestyle National Duals will be held in Indiana June 9th-10th.  

Bryce Allison (126), Mick Burnett (138), and Jake Evans (182) all won their respective weight classes. This was both Jake’s and Mick’ s second tournament victory’s of the freestyle season. 

Jordan Crace won the 152 lb weight class. Dylan Shawver finished up as the runner-up at 138 lbs. Haydon Rockman finished in third place in Greco-Roman, and injury defaulted to finish in sixth place at 170 lbs. Lewis Aguilar finished in fourth place at 220 lbs  Ben Doehr, Enrique Munguia all competed hard but, fell short of placing in their respective weight classes.

April 26th: UWW Junior Greco-Roman Nationals (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Farouq Muhammed traveled to compete at the UWW Junior Greco-Roman Nationals in Las Vegas. WWU Juniors brings in the best wrestlers from the ages of 17 to 20 years old to compete. The top eight wrestlers in each weight class qualify for the World Team Trials held in Indianapolis in June.

Farouq competed at 158.7 lbs/72 kg in the event. Farouq finished in fifth place in the tournament. Farouq avenged his loss in the quarterfinals to his opponent from Oregon State University. With his fifth place Farouq earned a spot in the UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trials on June 8th, and Farouq automatically earned a spot on the USA-Ohio Junior Greco-Roman National Team.  

April 22nd: USA-Ohio Freestyle Club State Duals (Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio)

The USA-Ohio Freestyle Club State Duals is one of the premier events of the freestyle season in the state of Ohio. The event is in it’s sixth year of existence. Clubs from across the state of Ohio travel to Ohio Northern University to compete in the event. Numerous state champions, placers, and Fargo and UWW All-Americans compete in the event. 

The Pioneers (BTW) and Brecksville (Seasons’) combined to form two teams in the event. Team one won the event for the fifth time in the six year history of the event. Going undefeated on team one was: Dylan Shawver (120), Mick Burnett (132), and Farouq Muhammed (160). Farouq had two tech fall wins vs a UWW freestyle All-American, and Oklahoma State commit.  Jordan Crace went 5-1 at 152 lbs. His lone loss came to an Ohio State commit. Team two finished the event in fourth place. Colin Noel went 3-2 at 100 lbs. Ben Doehr defeated a D2 state placer in the event at 160 lbs. Enrique Munguia went 3-2 at 152 lbs. Drew Levis went 4-1 in the event at 220 lbs including a win by fall vs an OH D1 SP (4th)/Walsh Ironman seventh placer. 

April 21st: USA-Ohio Delta Qualifier Tournament (Delta, Ohio)

Pioneers traveled to compete at the USA-Ohio Delta Qualifier Tournament. The top six place-winners in each weight class qualify for the USA-Ohio State Tournament next month at Otterbein University.
Jordan Crace won the junior 152 lbs weight class. Jordan path to the championship included a tech fall victory vs the D3 State Champion from this past season. Matt Zuckerman finished as the runner-up at 138 lbs losing in the finals to 2x D1 State placer/ Fargo Cadet freestyle All-American. Ben Deohr finished in fourth place at junior 160 lbs. Drew Levis finished in 5th place at junior 220 lbs which was the toughest weight class at the event. Enrique Munguia finished in sixth place at junior 152 lbs.

Mick Burnett (132) and Jake Evans (182) both won their respective weight classes in Cadet Freestyle. Colin Noel at cadet 100 lbs rebounded from a tough opening round loss to a D3 state placer to finish in third place defeating a 2017 OAC Middle school state placer.Nate Burnett won the schoolboy freestyle 119 lb weight class. Farouq Muhammed won the Junior Greco-Roman 160 lb weight class with four tech falls on the day. 

April 20th-22nd: USA-Wrestling Northeast Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman Regional Qualifier Tournament (East Stroudsburg Univeristy, PA)

Haydon Rockman traveled to the USA-Wrestling Northeast Regional Tournament in East Stroudsburg, PA on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. Wrestlers from across the Northeast part of the United States traveled to compete in this event. The top four placers in each weight class automatically earned spots on their states national teams.

Haydon competed in the 170 lbs Junior division in both styles. Haydon went 1-2 in freestyle. Haydon lost his opening round match in Greco-Roman and battled his way back winning three matches in a row to advance to the match to place. Haydon dropped a hard fought match to place to fail short of earning top four placement honors to qualify for the national team. 

April 7th: USA-Ohio Cadet and Junior State Mount Union State Qualifier Tournament (Alliance, Ohio)

Greco-Roman and Freestyle season kicked off in Ohio this past weekend. Several Elyria wrestlers competed at Mount Union Qualifier. The top six placer winners in each weight class qualify for the State Tournament held at Otterbein University on May 19th-20th weekend. 

Farouq Muhammed won both styles in the Junior division at 170 lbs. In Greco-Roman Farouq won in the finals by tech fall over last year’s USA-Ohio Cadet Greco-Roman State Champion. Dylan Shawver won the 138 lbs Junior Freestyle weight class. Dylan had three tech fall wins one the day. Drew Levis finished in third place in the 220 lbs Junior division in Freestyle. Drew lost his opening round match to a D2 State Place-winner this year, and last year’s Cadet Freestyle National runner-up. Enrique Munguia finished in 5th place at 160 lbs. 

March. 23rd-25th: NHSCA Junior Nationals (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Haydon Rockman traveled to competed in the NHSCA Junior Nationals in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The NHSCA Nationals brings in some of the best wrestlers from across the country to compete. The tournament is broken down by high school age levels, and even has a middle school and elementary division. 

Haydon open the tournament winning his opening round match by a score 5-1 vs his opponent from New Jersey. Haydon lost his match in the round of 32 to the eventual 8th placer from Pennsylvania. Haydon would rebound and win his next two matches in the wrestlebacks with wins over his opponents from Alabama and New York. Haydon would a tough match in his third round wrestle back to the 7th placer from New York. Haydon finished the event with a record of 3-2.